Pitch Executive partners with you to develop and create those pitches from scratch and provides you with a professional and critical view.

In a professional pitch deck, depending on the industry or business, the following topics should be taken into consideration.

  • Investor Presentation

    Investor Presentation

    A professional investor deck is important to maximize your success for raising capital.

    In practice, there is a teaser version that can be send to potential investors and a longer, in-depth deck that covers all important aspects of your strategy and serves as a professional working paper.

    Good preparation and having the right answers at hand is crucial when communicating with investors.

    We prepare you to be prepared.

  • Problem


    This section is important to gain an understanding of the necessity of a new product or service.

    Here we describe the problem in the market, value chain or user behaviour that gives raise to your product or solution.

    Backing up your statements with relevant data and visualisations is important.

    In case of a digital product: Describe the disadvantages of the present manual processes.

  • Solution


    In this section you describe your product or solution.

    Ideally, you show how your product/solution solves the problems identified in the previous chapter.

    You present the features of your product and describe the benefits for all stakeholders involved. (F.e. users, clients, suppliers, etc.)

    Again, if you have numbers to back up your statements, use them!

  • Market & Competition

    Market & Competition

    Here we look at the market environment, it`s size, trends and developments.

    How many users can you expect for your product? How big is the market in terms of revenue and
    where will this market go in the next few years?

    Understanding user behaviour, the market, comparing your product against the competition and
    showing why your product is superior to others is key in this section.

  • Traction


    In this section you have the opportunity to show what you already have achieved so far.

    Show exactly which efforts had led to which results and why these results legitimize your expectations for further grow.

    If you have no results to show yet, show what you have done to validate your idea. I.e.: User research, interviews, tests, etc.

  • Go to market & growth strategy

    Go to market & growth strategy

    Investors want to know how you will make money and you should have a good plan to show here.

    Which markets and which user groups will you target first? Are there multiplicators that you can use to win customers?

    Show which sales and marketing activities you plan to reach your goals and how your product will develop over time (product roadmap)

  • Team


    Who are the founders, what are their backgrounds and their motivation?

    It is crucial for investors to see that the founder team has an intrinsic motivation to do what they do, a connection to the product or industry and that their collaboration creates valuable synergies.

  • Equity Story

    Equity Story

    What are you asking for? How much are you giving for it?

    Are you looking for solely financial investors?

    Or do you need an investor who opens doors, makes his network available and supports you in case of problems?

    Do they have enough financial power and stamina for further investment rounds?