• Customized

  • Story

  • Industries

  • Services

  • Methodology


Corporate Playbook

The company playbook is your go-to resource to create customized pitches and gives clarity to internal and external stakeholders about your business and services

What is in a Company Playbook?

  • Story
  • Profiles
  • Industries
  • Use cases
  • Services
  • Project mgmt
  • Methodology
  • Competencies

Why do you need a Company Playbook?

  • Faster pitch creation through modular use
  • Clarity for all stakeholders about your company
  • Improved value proposition
  • More business & more revenue


Writing successful proposals requires careful planning, professional structuring and diligent execution

Executives spend a great amount of time writing these documents and tailoring their offer to their clients needs

Understanding your client, their goals, needs and restrictions is key to write a successful proposal

We support you in writing these proposals with our experience, industry understanding and tailorized proposal templates

Sales Pitches

No matter how complex the service or solution, the art of a good sales pitch is simplicity and appeal.